About our Farm

Blue Sun Growers is a local regenerative farm located in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania.  We grow high
quality culinary herbs and seasonings.  We offer both fresh and dried herbs year round for the at home cook or the professional chef.  Everything is grown without pesticides/herbicides with the future of our planet our number one priority.

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Our mission is to empower individuals in our local community by producing earth friendly, high quality products that strengthen local distribution systems. Our products are created with the planet and peoples health first. Local distribution systems  are more resilient, support the planet, and help empower the people in your own community.

We believe that as human beings we have a responsibility to care for the planet and each other.  Our farm uses carbon capturing practices like permaculture and no-till.  We are always finding new ways to increase the ecology of the plants, microorganisms, and animal life of our land. We believe this not only helps the planet but also increases the health of the people on this planet.


Billy McCullough

Billy has an undying passion for plants, food, the planet, and the living things on it.  He is an environmental scientist, ecologist, farmer, and greenhouse enthusiast. Most of his time is spent growing, reading, and dreaming about growing plants. He has a strong background in greenhouse growing and ecological principles. He dreams of working together with other farmers to create a fully sustainable local food distribution system.